Piccola Università Italiana
Largo Antonio Pandullo 5
89861 Tropea
Tel.: 0963 / 60 32 84
Fax: 0963 / 61 786
E-Mail: info@piccolauniversitaitaliana.com

Welcome to our Italian language school!


If you would like to know more about our Italian language courses and our Italian language school "Piccola Università Italiana" in Tropea, you may look up all the interesting information about our Italian classes, group courses or individual lessons as well as the accommodation below.

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ClassesClass size is kept small, from 3 to a maximum of 6 students. The low teacher - student ratio ensures an optimal learning environment and adequate classroom space for language activities.

The first Monday of each Italian language course, students are required to take a written and oral test that will determine the appropriate class placement level. If no class grouping is available (a class of 3 to 6 members) at a student’s particular level, the student will be assigned to the Two-to-One Course or be given Individual lessons. Should this occur, the number of lessons would be reduced by half.

Our ultimate goal is to meet the individual needs of each student by ensuring the best placement possible.

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