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If you would like to know more about our Italian language courses and our Italian language school "Piccola Università Italiana" in Tropea, you may look up all the interesting information about our Italian classes, group courses or individual lessons as well as the accommodation below.

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Italy”, a word which conjures up a harmonious bond between body, spirit and soul.

“Italy” a word which means international haute couture, design, architecture and, even more so, a unique way of life.

Italy is situated on the West Southern border of Europe; the peninsula, along with its sorrounding islands, stretches out southwards almost to the coasts of North Africa, while eastwards it faces the Slav-Balkan territories.

Italy has a host of surprises for its visitors and is the perfect place for an unforgettable holiday in a land that’s famed for centuries of traditional hospitality that will make one’s stay quite simply delightful. Further testimony to such tradition are Italy’s incomparable hotels all at favourable rates, and the many excellent restaurants serving local and international fare. In addition to such comforts, Italy’s efficient road and transport systems make getting about a simple matter.

So with all its culture and environmental treasures, towns steeped in history, masterpieces of art and architecture and comfortable hotels, Italy can satisfy every possible need, and rather than just a pleasant stay, can offer visitors a truly unforgettable holiday!

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